A Child's Day

'The child’s work is to create the person he or she will become. ᅠAdults work to perfect the environment but children work and play to perfect themselves.' - A Montessori principle

We encourage our children to flourish and naturally inspire them to love learning. We believe that learning is a journey, not a race. Play is the serious work of early childhood. Learning takes place with hands, heart and head. By protecting the right to childhood we are creating abilities for life.

Child-Led Activity

The day will include a period of open access play filled with different activities which could take place inside or out, and alongside a particular activity such as baking, painting, handicraft.

Montessori Principles

We are striving to create a calm, ordered environment that allows us to respect the Montessori principles. If a child is absorbed in an activity, then it is important that they are left to complete it at their own space, so that they learn the pleasure of achieving something themselves to their own satisfaction.

Outdoor Activities

In the Green Giraffe Day Nursery we have our own protected and safe natural outdoor area and the children will be taken to the local parks where they can experience nature.

Meal Times

At mealtimes the children will be together around the table, where the mood is relaxed and social.

The food served is all organic and nutritionally balanced.

Teacher-Led Activities

Activities will include painting, drawing, crafts and the domestic arts such as cooking, baking, cleaning and care for self and others.

The strong tradition of oral storytelling and puppetry will be part of every morning, and will end the day.